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~Gluten Free Thanksgiving to maintain colon health~

Thanksgiving is often a time of happiness for alot of families. We all love getting together to feed our families and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It is also often a time of gluttony. Thanksgiving is centered around a food filled table and noone is gonna judge if you get a second … Continue reading

A Therapist Journey – Why I Choose Massage Therapy

Shortly after opening my first Wellness Center (in Tyler, Texas) I remember going to pick my daughter up from school, and running into a teacher from high school. I stood there chatting with him and the PTA president ( a close family friend). She inquired about the business which prompted my former teacher’s question– “So, … Continue reading

Ayurvedic massage – What To Expect at HC3

A lot of attention has developed recently regarding the long term benefits of massage and body therapy as offered during an Ayurvedic treatment here at HC3. Aryuvedic Massage at HC3 Here we describe the types of Ayurvedic massages and share what to expect when receiving an Ayurvedic massage at HC3. Types of Ayurvedic Massage First, … Continue reading

Colon Health – How Healthy Is Your Colon?

Do You Have A Healthy Colon? Ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you eat too much fast foods or highly processed foods? Stay away from fast foods (often loaded with preservatives) and processed foods (cookies, cakes, deli meats,hot dogs, etc). Since these food items are more challenging for the body to digest, they can clog … Continue reading

Detox Facts – Your Three Elimination Organs and How They Work

The three main elimination organs are the kidneys, the liver, and the colon. ColonicsThese organs function every second of every day to ensure that waste is flushed out of your body with the most efficiency. But how much do you really know about how these organs work? The Kidneys – The basic functions of the … Continue reading

How To Increase Life-Force Energy

Proper breathing clears away stress and tension, quiets the mind, increases internal energy and vitality, boosts metabolism and unifies mind, spirit, and body. We usually breathe without any thought, mostly taking this life sustaining process for granted. This is because no one teaches us about breathing as we grow up. This also is why most … Continue reading