Ayurvedic massage – What To Expect at HC3

A lot of attention has developed recently regarding the long term benefits of massage and body therapy as offered during an Ayurvedic treatment here at HC3. Aryuvedic Massage at HC3 Here we describe the types of Ayurvedic massages and share what to expect when receiving an Ayurvedic massage at HC3.

Ayurvedic massage

Types of Ayurvedic Massage
First, there are basically 2 types of Ayurvedic massage, Ayhyanga & Shodhana. Abyhanga is divided into 2 types….self massage & massage received from the hands of another person. What most people receive when they go to a therapist is Ayhyanga from the hands of another person. In clinical massage therapy – the objective is to balance the energetic polarities of the person receiving the massage. It is the oil which does all of the true healing. The therapist performing the massage is just the delivery system. It is important for the therapist to determine the correct oil to use for the client.

The other category of Ayurvedic massage is Shodhana or purification massage. Within this modality are many types of preparations & only medicated herbal oils are used. HC3 strives to remain close to true Ayurvedic practice and theory, while offering a custom, signature treatment that works well with other HC3 services.

What to expect when receiving an Ayurvedic massage at HC3

The therapist begins the session by determining your dosha ( your energetic constitution) and your imbalance ( what you need from this treatment) It is a gentle application of oil and body mask using long rapid strokes & circular motion on the joints, hips, and the heart/ chest region. The oil needs a little time to penetrate and then can be washed off. It is best to use the oil that is most appropriate for your general/ physical constitution. To improve the smell most therapists add some drops of complimentary essential oils to the base oils– oils can be added to customize the oil for the individual–that’s all there is to it !!!

Ayurvedic massage is MOST beneficial when combined with a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle, and is most complimentary when added to a conscious choice and pathway to greater health, and vitality in your life.

Author: Diedre Clark, Senior Body Therapist.

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