~Gluten Free Thanksgiving to maintain colon health~


Thanksgiving is often a time of happiness for alot of families. We all love getting together to feed our families and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It is also often a time of gluttony. Thanksgiving is centered around a food filled table and noone is gonna judge if you get a second or 3rd plate and I know that most of my family members often do. I also see the energy shift that takes place after a big heavy meal paired with the sedating effects of the tryptophan in turkey, and it doesn’t take long before everyone is loosening their belt and snoozing through the football game.

Something that alot of people forget to give thanks for, is their health. In honor of the amazing things that our bodies are capable of, I wanted to post some Gluten free Vegetarian recipes. Instead of compromising your digestion on your holiday, nourish yourself with meals that won’t drag you down!

Also, Gluten free foods help to maintain Colon health.

Gluten Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving!

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