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WaterWorks – The Power of Water

H2O makes up a whopping 70 percent of the earth and 60 percent of you. And it has some surprising health-enhancing powers. Look at these top 4 health-enhancing powers: Waist Slimmer Endurance Enhancer Headache Stopper Kidney Saver Time to start swallowing: People who sip two cups (16 ounces) of water before a meal shovel in … Continue reading

~Gluten Free Thanksgiving to maintain colon health~

Thanksgiving is often a time of happiness for alot of families. We all love getting together to feed our families and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It is also often a time of gluttony. Thanksgiving is centered around a food filled table and noone is gonna judge if you get a second … Continue reading

Detox Facts – Your Three Elimination Organs and How They Work

The three main elimination organs are the kidneys, the liver, and the colon. ColonicsThese organs function every second of every day to ensure that waste is flushed out of your body with the most efficiency. But how much do you really know about how these organs work? The Kidneys – The basic functions of the … Continue reading

Yogurt = Probiotic? Not always!

So what is the difference between getting your probiotics from commercial brand yogurt and Raw homemade yogurt or taking a Therapeutic grade probiotic supplement? Well, in short- A LOT! Commercial yogurts can easily have more carbohydrates than a candy bar! These carbs are in the form of a highly allergenic sugar called lactose, which is … Continue reading

Eating Colors to feed the Body, Mind and Soul

We all know that eating right is important for your overall health, and the regulation of your digestive system. A proper diet and maintenance of intestinal balance is crucial to your sense of well-being and vitality. Did you know that color is a helpful tool in feeding your body the right way? Here is some … Continue reading