How To Increase Life-Force Energy

Proper breathing clears away stress and tension, quiets the mind, increases internal energy and vitality, boosts metabolism and unifies mind, spirit, and body.


We usually breathe without any thought, mostly taking this life sustaining process for granted. This is because no one teaches us about breathing as we grow up. This also is why most of us breathe incorrectly.

The good news is all that is needed to correct an incorrect breathing pattern is to take the time to focus on your breathing . As a result, you might be able to change your energy, emotions and life.

We breathe roughly 23,000 times a day and take in about 4,500 gallons of air–25 times that amount during exercise. Now you can see the importance of the breath? No wonder it profoundly influences our mind, body and overall health.

What Kind of Breather Are You?
When looking at your breathing patterns, try to notice how much of the diaphragm you use and how much oxygen you take in. Are you allowing your diaphragm to expand fully in order to bring in enough oxygen to feed your body?

There are three types of breathers: nasal, chest and belly.

  • Nasal breathers are breathing only in their nasal cavity, not using the diaphragm to breathe but instead leaving this organ to sit stagnant. The result is a lack of oxygen flow throughout the body.
  • Chest breathers are breathing only into their chest, using a slight portion of the diaphragm to breathe. this type of breathing brings in some oxygen, but still not enough.
  • Belly breathers are breathing into their bellies and using the full diaphragm to breathe as nature intended. They bring in enough oxygen to feed the body, mind and spirit.

You can be one of these types breathers–or a combination of all three–at times; however, to gain the most life force energy, it is best to be a belly breather all the time. Belly breathing allows you to develop a balanced breathing rhythm at a slow, smooth pace. It keeps you present and helps you experience calm and peace.

Breathing can also help in the healing process of the body. Getting a massage and working with a massage therapist who uses breathwork can help you learn how to breathe into your tension spots to release old emotions, stress and dis-ease. Using the breath also helps if you are having trouble relaxing. Maybe its your first time getting a colonic or other service, and you have alot of tension in your body. Taking deep breaths from the belly will bring about a deeper place of relaxation. This empowers you with a tool–focused breath–to help connect back to the wisdom of the body. The breath can be a powerful tool to encourage your own inner experience and bring you back to sensing what is going on in your own body. The breath is a way back to checking in with what is going on inside us.

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You body will thank you,
Diedre’ Clark

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