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Your first choice for Colonics in Houston is HC3 Wellness Center.

HC3 Wellness Center offers the most comprehensive menu of professional, natural wellness programs, body therapies, and services in the area.

Our services include Colonics, Massage, Amethyst BioMat Therapy, and Ionic Foot Detox. All this, combined with the most caring, supportive, attentive and most of all knowledgeable, and certified therapists are available to professionally administer colonics, also known as colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy.

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HC3 Wellness Center takes great pride in offering high-quality, affordable services to people of all ages in Houston, Texas.[ View More Services » ]

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See prices for HC3 Wellness Center products and services. Find out costs for single sessions, colon hydrotherapy packages, and more.

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What to expect on Your first visit...

When you arrive at the HC3 Wellness Center, you will be warmly greeted by our certified colon hydrotherapist, and she will review your health history form with you. At this time, we will also discuss what you hope to accomplish through our colon hydrotherapy.

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Certified I-ACT Member

HC3 Wellness Center is a recognized member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). [ LEARN MORE » ]

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The HC3 Wellness Center is staffed by experienced and licensed hydrotherapists. [ LEARN MORE » ]