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As advocates for overall health and wellness using all-natural methods and treatments, HC3 Wellness Center offers detox services to better aid a person in their journey towards holistic physical wellness.

What is detox?

Short for detoxification, detox is the process of allowing the body to get rid of toxins and other unhealthy elements acquired from pollution, bad habits, and unhealthy meals. Detox is in fact a primary function of our body to maintain our optimum functionality. However, there are many factors and habits that we do that can reduce the body’s efficiency with detox processes. Because of this, we need to proactively improve our body’s detoxification system by reducing the amount of toxins we take in and acquiring nutrients that optimize the detoxification process.

How do toxins affect the body?

The human body has good bacteria that help break down the food substances that we eat so that their nutrients can be distributed throughout the body. When a person has taken in toxins, the healthy body can naturally flush this out to the colon and out of the body. However, toxins can accumulate when the immune system isn’t strong. These toxins can develop and grow, which affects a person’s digestion and other physical functions.

Benefits of Detox

Flushing out the toxins from our body is a rigorous process as it entails changing one’s diet into healthier options and lifestyles. However, with regular detox services, these wellness benefits can be gained:

  • Enhanced physical energy
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Improved concentration
  • Development of healthier body cells
  • Purifying of blood
  • Shedding off of excess weight
  • Immune System Boost

Our Detox Services

At HC3 Wellness Center, we believe that the path to overall health and wellness can be attained by natural means. With our detox programs, we help you establish a reboot system of your body so that you can be cleansed from unhealthy elements acquired from food, poor mindset, and bad lifestyle.

With our natural processes, we extend detox services in the following ways, among others:

  • Massage
    With our comprehensive massage services, we enable your body to achieve rest and relaxation, hence, getting rid of the stresses that can lead to health complications.
  • Ionic Detox
    Toxins from the body can also be removed through the feet, achieved with our 30-minute ionic detox. This program enables the patient to release built-up toxins from food, drinks, and the air.

If you’re interested to book our detox services at HC3 Wellness Center, get in touch with us. We will be glad to entertain your inquiries when you call us at 713-667-8600.

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