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Physician Information
The HC3 Wellness Center is staffed by experienced and licensed hydrotherapists. State law requires each person receiving a Colonic to provide a prescription from an M.D. or a D.O. If you are unable to get a prescription from a doctor, HC3 Wellness Center has a doctor associated with our clinic who will provide the prescription.

Listed below are some common questions from physicians seeking to determine if colon hydrotherapy is a modality for their patients.

How does Colon Hydrotherapy benefit my patients?
Colon Hydrotherapy supports the removal of stool, mucous, and other harmful materials that are lodged in the colon. It is used as a non-laxative preparation for colonoscopy, endoscopy or when medically indicated.

Describe device safety and sanitation
We use an FDA-registered Class II medical device. The “LIBBE” device features temperature controlled water mixing and backflow prevention valves, pressure and temperature sensors, water purification, and disinfecting standards. The device is odorless and uses a small rectal disposable “single-use” nozzle (size-of-a-pencil) for each client/patient.

What is a session like for my patient?
The person receiving the hydrotherapy lies on a special bed and a disposable medical nozzle is gently inserted in the rectum. Under the control of a certified and experienced therapist, a steady flow of water gently flows from a small water tube. Steady gentle water flows in and then out of the colon; which then carries away impacted feces and mucous. A view tube is available for observation and all colonic matter is contained in the equipment. The client/patient does nothing but relaxes in privacy while the entire colon is cleansed.

State of Texas Requirement
A prescription is required for colon hydrotherapy sessions in the State of Texas. Referring patients will need to have a prescription for sessions as needed.

Here at our center, we strive to make the colon hydro experience relaxing and comfortable and we are happy to answer any questions regarding the process.