WaterWorks – The Power of Water

Water HydrotherapyH2O makes up a whopping 70 percent of the earth and 60 percent of you. And it has some surprising health-enhancing powers.

Look at these top 4 health-enhancing powers:

Waist Slimmer Endurance Enhancer Headache Stopper Kidney Saver
Time to start swallowing: People who sip two cups (16 ounces) of water before a meal shovel in 13 percent fewer calories. Cyclists who dip their legs in water for 20 minutes before a ride put out 20 more watts of power than those who skip the soak. A study found that migraine patients who drank one liter of water daily had 21 fewer hours of pain over a two week period. Downing enough water to produce two quarts of urine daily helps your body flush out junk that could cause a kidney stone.

Source:Women’s Health – September 2011

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