Refund Policy

Colon Hydrotherapy Appointment & Center Policies

Here at HC3 Wellness Center we thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.

In our efforts to provide quality and timely service to all clients, the following appointment and center policies are in effect:

  • A 24-hour notification of cancellation is required for all services. A $35.00 cancellation fee is applied if not cancelled within the 24 hour window.
  • No show appointments are counted as a used session without a 12 hour advance cancellation notice.  
  • Physician (RX) Fee is non-refundable and the prescriptions can only be used at Houston Colon Care Center.
  • Colon hydrotherapy sessions are non transferable. If you purchase a series of colonics, sessions may not be divided amongst individuals or transferred to another person.
  • All product sales are final.

We value your time and strive for a zero wait for scheduled services. To that end, out of courtesy for the next scheduled client and the practitioner, session times will be reduced in the event a client is more than 15 minutes late.

Colonic Membership Policy

As a member, within an active membership month you have one colonic service available at price of $55 and any additional service at 10% off. Expired sessions or unused sessions do not accumulate into the next month.

Membership Cancellation

As a member, you can cancel your membership at anytime. Cancellations require a 1 business day notice prior to your billing date HC3 Wellness Centere makes exceptions for the following circumstances; military leave, pregnancy, medical disability. In these instances, we will waive the 5 day cancellation policy if notified prior to the automatic payment date. If your cancellation request falls within these categories, please provide sufficient documentation to support your exception request. For example: a doctor’s note or deployment orders. Contact for questions and information about submission process. Please review the following cancellation policy prior to submitting a cancellation request.

Membership Cancellation Policy

I understand my membership will be cancelled if I submit the web cancellation online form or contact HC3 Wellness Center at least 1 business day prior to my next automatic payment. A confirmation number will be assigned confirming the successful submission of my request. Then, a Customer Experience Specialist will email a final confirmation that my cancellation has been processed and the dates the cancellation is effective.
I understand that I cannot cancel my membership while it is on hold/suspended. HC3 Wellness Center does not pro-rate refunds or allow extensions and/or transfers for a suspended membership. Unused or expired services are non-refundable.

Dishonored Check or Credit Card

If any account debit, or credit card charge payable to the center is returned, rejected or dishonored, management will, in each instance (a) assess a charge equal to any charge imposed by the financial institution, any costs and expenses incurred in connection with collection plus an administrative fee of twenty-five dollars ($25), and (b) collect the current and past due balance in any subsequent month